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Stargatepedia is an unofficial Repository of Knowledge for the Stargate franchise. It was created by NickEast on July 12, 2019.


This wiki was created from a desire to make an expansive collection of lore and information from the Stargate franchise. The motivation to create a new wiki rather than work with the Stargate Wiki on Fandom is two-fold. One, the existing wiki is too convoluted, especially when it comes to canon; and two, I personally no longer like to use Fandom. Based on that, Stargatepedia is intended to compete with Stargate Wiki.

Currently, Stargatepedia is heavily in development as the style guides, policies, guidelines, and the essential pages are still being written. For that reason, registration is currently not possible. Once all the important pages have been written and the wiki's security is adequate, registration will be made available. Registration will always be required to be able to edit the wiki, but anyone can read.